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Everyone should learn this stuff. A greater understanding of Australian and Aboriginal history, with the personal, spiritual and factual insights begins to lay foundations for a more collaborative and potentially effective path. While some issues are tough, their delivery is generous, optimistic and inclusive. I can't recommend it highly enough.   Cr. Rachel Pemberton .   City of Fremantle


Loved the gentle and personal nature of the day- powerful stories told with authenticity and heart. An experience everyone in Australia should be able to share- so vital to this country's healing and future prosperity.

Jenny created a culturally safe space that allowed for deep listening and learning and open conversation. The resources provided are incredibly accessible and useful. The workshop has left me with much hope, inspiration, new knowledge and lots to think about. Everyone should take a workshop!      Claire Stubbs


Thank you Jenny for your insightful and engaging facilitation of a fantastic full day program tackling the complexities of acknowledging a shared history. The guest speakers, Dr Noel Nannup and Gail Beck, were so valuable and interesting. I feel so many things right now, including inspired and a thirst for more knowledge.  Monique Barker


Thank you Jenny for being inspirational and giving me the courage and strength to voice my passion on the topic. Please don’t stop enlightening others! (community member)

This workshop was brilliant. As an Aboriginal man in a space of learning for other non-Aboriginal people, (Jenny) created a safe space and brought in difficult and necessary discussion....thank you for the unpacking and beginning of healing. (Mark Hardwick)

Thank you for sharing your journey and knowledge with us. I am eternally grateful for the learning experience and insights gained from you.

Privileged to be a part of. Feel so embarrassed by ALL things I don’t know. So grateful to have history in a nutshell. (Director, Curtin University)

I can understand how this subject is weeks long course. This was very condensed but extremely informative. Very well presented.

Thank-you, thank-you for allowing my mind to have insight into our history. Although the story is sad, with education we can help to make the change.

It was good to learn more and different aspects on this subject. Makes you realise that this knowledge is never ending.

enlightening!.......inspiring!..........informative......mobilising.....thought provoking (City of Fremantle)

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