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sync7, Enrich Training Solutions and a number of Aboriginal people have contributed advice and expertise to develop this professional and personal development program. 


Dr Noel Nannup (Pilbara, Mid-West-Perth)

Associate Professor Clive Walley, Director, Indigenous Education, School of Medicine, Fremantle (South-West)

Gail Beck- South West Land and Sea Council (South-West)

Albert Wiggan-Traditional Bardi, Nyul Nyul, and Kija man, Dampier Peninsula (Kimberley)

Denise Groves-writer, director, film maker (Pilbara)

sync7 is an established leading agency for first step engagement with Aboriginal people, activities and initiatives. Since 2011, it has worked as a “third space” to provide a link between different world views to address gaps in knowledge exchange and increase cultural understanding.

sync7 has been engaged to work with Aboriginal people on a number of projects in the community development sector, education and the environmental sectors. sync7 has spent many years building trusted relationships with a broad network of Indigenous and cross-cultural individuals and organisations in the Kimberley, the Pilbara and more recently Perth.




Jenny Hunter (sync7)




Jenny has been involved in the education, arts, environment and community sectors with Aboriginal people for the past 30 years. She has spent many years building trusted relationships with a broad network of indigenous and cross-cultural individuals and organisations in the Kimberley, the Pilbara and more recently Perth.

Her roles have spanned frontline and management, predominantly with disadvantaged Aboriginal youth, women and children. Following this, she worked on reframing disadvantage by highlighting the values and positive contributions Aboriginal people can offer, particularly in the environmental sector.

Since 2010 she has worked alongside Dr Noel Nannup to co-author projects with both western and Indigenous knowledge systems. As a qualified teacher she has taught in schools, TAFE and Notre Dame University in the Kimberley and now in Fremantle.  She is involved in the recent facilitation of the RSAS (Remote School Attendance Strategy) program throughout regional towns and communities in Western Australia and South Australia. 


In all her work, Jenny incorporates education to bridge the gap in understanding as an essential first step to enable new ways of working to be forged more easily. Jenny is the author of “White People are Nomads”, a contemporary parable that examines our history from a creative and Indigenous perspective.








Dr Noel Nannup

Noel is a respected Noongar Elder, a known storyteller, cultural guide, instructor and mentor. Amongst his many initiatives was the development of the Ranger Program in the Pilbara in 1987 where he managed the first Aboriginal run National Park (Karijini). As Heritage Consultant with Indigenous Tours WA, Noel established the Swan River Tour in 2009, the Rottnest Island Tour in 2008 and the Kings Park Tour in 2004. Noel is currently the Elder in Residence and Cultural Ambassador at Edith Cowan University and works on a variety of community and cultural projects. He was the winner of the ‘Recognition of Contribution to Higher Education for Aboriginal People, Western Australia’ award in 2008, a finalist in the Western Australian Citizen of the Year (Culture and Arts) Awards in 2005 and in 2003 he received an Honorary Doctorate from Murdoch University. In 2017 he was voted as Male Elder of the year. Noel has completed two research papers, “A Survey with the Yinhawangka Community and Yinhawangka Aboriginal Corporation” in 2016-17 and “Synergies of Meaning: A documentary film series exploring the relationship and unity between traditional Indigenous Noongar knowledge and western natural and social scientific knowledge” in 2015.


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