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The Culturally Diverse Workplace Program is a unique program that embraces cultural diversity and aims to activate strong and respectful relationships built on education, knowledge, understanding and acceptance. Utilising knowledge and understanding acquired, you will be more able to develop and maintain mutually beneficial and strong relationships with culturally diverse work colleagues both internally and externally. 


This knowledge then underpins management and leadership skills to allow a direct impact on your role in the workplace in creating a culturally safe, healthy and effective workplace.  Your workplace can utilise this specialised guidance to assist with building culturally safe frameworks, business priorities and policies which consider diverse ideologies.

Through interactive workshops and activities we are invited to personally connect to the rich journey of the oldest continuing culture in the world and develop understanding and knowledge of past issues and current impacts. This enables us to become part of the shared story that belongs to us all.

This learning will specifically assist with:

  • gaining knowledge of our shared history from an Indigenous perspective (this is only just beginning to be taught in our schools)

  • Increasing awareness of the impacts which continue to affect Aboriginal Australians today.

  • minimising adverse social and human rights impacts arising from your workplace expectations and activities

  • developing a toolkit of effective strategies and protocols for positive outcomes

  • enabling you to build a neutral “third space”, to engage in respectful dialogue with diverse world views for balanced resolutions.

  • expanding on knowledge acquisition by introducing current legislation and frameworks which will enable you to shape the way you engage in Indigenous matters

  • embracing all cultures in a productive Third Space.

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