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underlying principle

we effectively manage and lead others you need to have a solid and real understanding of the people you are leading and managing.

The development of culturally respectful frameworks for diverse workplace creates a third space where deep  empathy will build positive engagement and strong relationships.  This in turn enhances your ability to lead your team to be effective and culturally responsive.


We work alongside local Elders  and Aboriginal leaders for best practice. In this way we manage risk and ensure cultural integrity by securing the understanding, trust and support of the  cultural custodians.

One Day Intensive


This one day intensive brings knowledge and deep insights into the shared history of Australia.


It looks through the eyes of the First Australians and with this Indigenous perspective sheds light that may be new to many of us who did not learn this in school.
The program offers a journey that starts where we are right now and leads us through our shared history.  It begins with knowledge. 
 The journey is designed to move us into understanding and awareness through a process of self reflection, and the opening of new outlooks leading to new and effective ways of engaging and collaborating with each other.

It follows a timeline of historical events which occurred after colonisation and assists with:-

• increasing awareness of the impacts which continue to affect Aboriginal Australians today


• minimising adverse social and human rights impacts arising from your workplace expectations and activities

• developing a toolkit of effective strategies and protocols for positive outcomes


• enabling you to build a neutral “third space”, to engage in respectful dialogue with diverse world views for balanced resolutions.

Culturally Diverse Workplace Management Program

The Culturally Diverse Workplace Program is a unique program which offers a truly holistic and culturally diverse approach to management in the workplace. 

Utilising knowledge and understanding acquired from the Shared History component. Our work  then, is  to integrate  this knowledge into the  professional workplace. How do we make the cultural changes necessary in the workplace to create  culturally safe and inclusive strategies and frameworks for moving forward? 


This program will assist with building and maintaining mutually beneficial and strong relationships with culturally diverse work colleagues both internally and externally. 


Customised Workplace Programs

The Culturally Diverse Workplace Management (CDWM) Program is a journey with many pathways.


We understand that while this CDWM content is universal- we also acknowledge that  workplaces, teams and leaders all face unique challenges.


It is our intent to meet the needs of each of our clients and we will happily work directly with you to customise the program to meet the needs of your workplace.

Whilst our focus is on Indigenous perspectives the content can be applied to all culturally diverse perspectives.  Our intent is to leave you with the understanding to move forward and create cultural convergence in the workplace as a positive tool for achievement and harmony.

Please contact us without obligation to discuss your personal training needs and our customised pricing options.

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