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What is cultural convergence

Cultural Convergence is a knowledge and awareness program designed to move us toward what we define as the "Third Space"  A space of respect, curiosity, learning and collaboration. The Third Space is the safe place where we are no longer separate or defined by our race or country of origin but rather celebrated for it - a place where we have learned to take the best of what we all have to offer and move forward on a positive journey. The Cultural Convergence course does this by building the layers needed alongside Cultural Awareness programs to achieve culturally safe workplaces. 

The program offers a journey that starts where we are right now and leads us through our shared history.  It begins with knowledge. Our work then, is to integrate this knowledge into the professional workplace. How do we make the cultural changes necessary in the workplace to create culturally safe and inclusive strategies and frameworks for moving forward?  The journey is designed to move us into understanding and awareness through a process of self reflection, and the opening of new outlooks leading to new and effective ways of engaging and collaborating with each other.

      Suitable for everyone!​

We are flexible in our delivery approach and we can work with you to suit the needs of your workplace. Whilst our focus is on Indigenous perspectives the content can be applied to all culturally diverse perspectives.  Our intent is to leave you with the understanding to move forward and create cultural convergence in the workplace as a positive tool for achievement and harmony.


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